Shopify Dropshipping Store – Electronics

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What are the benefits of a Shopify dropshipping store?

  • Low start-up cost.
  • No inventory (lower overhead costs).
  • No self-fulfillment (more time to concentrate on growing the business).
  • Run your website from anywhere in the world.
  • Build a digital asset for recurring revenue.
  • Sell your store for a big payout!

Shopify Dropshipping Store – electronics are some of the most popular dropshipping products because of their wide use by consumers and decent profit margins. When you want a Shopify Dropshipping Store geared towards selling electronics, you can’t go wrong with this one. Designed from the ground up, it is meant to make it easier and faster for clients to find the electronics they want. Furthermore, you can feature the best-selling products, new products, or a group of high-ticket items prominently on the home page.

What Is Included With This Shopify Dropshipping Store:

  • Full Website Customization
  • Free Premium Theme
  • Professional Logo Design
  • Professional Banner Design
  • 50 Winning/Trending Product Uploads
  • Blog Setup 
  • Shipping Setup
  • Payment Gateway Setup 
  • 10 Best Apps + Optimized Settings
  • FB Pixel & Google Analytics Connection
  • Help Choose & Configure Domain Name
  • Social Media Page Creation & Integration Store
  • Social Media Marketing Package for GUARANTEED TRAFFIC!

This Store Is On Shopify. Why Is It The Best Platform For This Store? 

Make use of the efficient, easy to use, highly recommended and world renowned Shopify ecommerce system… 

800,000+ merchants can’t be wrong! $100 Billion+ sales have been made using Shopify! 

Shopify is the platform where this site is hosted and allows you to sell. The domain name, files and website will all be hosted on Shopify’s servers. With your store, you will gain access to the store’s admin where you have full control over the front and back end of your store and can make any changes you want or need. It is very easy to use. 

There are many advantages to using Shopify, as standard you get: Automated cart abandonment emails, visual analytics, unlimited discount codes, SSL encrypted checkout, email push notifications to your customers, you can choose from over 1700 apps to increase conversions, help with marketing or customers support (many apps are free to use) and you can run the entire business from your smartphone or desktop… Plus, you can make use of the fantastic Live Chat support if you have any questions when you set up. Is Shopify reliable? Yes… 

FACT: On Black Friday 2019, Shopify processed 10,978 orders per minute! That’s $1.5 Million in sales every 60 seconds during its peak. Over the day, Shopify stores made a massive $2.9+ Billion in sales (Up from $1.8 Billion in 2018!), demonstrating the increasing reach and power of e-commerce. Even a tiny slice of this pie can earn a full-time income for those willing to build up their business over time.

What Makes Dropshipping Electronics A Great Business Model: 

  • No postage or packaging requirements – this is all taken care of by the Dropshipping supplier, saving you time and money. 
  • No need to hold stock, saving you space and making it less likely that your stock levels will run out. 
  • No risk of being left with unsold stock. 
  • Ability to offer a far greater number of products. 
  • No need to spend time on sourcing and purchasing products, freeing your time up for promoting your store and getting more sales. 
  • Operate your business from anywhere, leaving you free to travel and work flexible hours. 
  • One of the easiest types of business to scale up to earn a full time income from. 

How Do You Earn Money From Your Store?

Every item sold on the site has a mark-up of 50% added to the price. When you sell an item, the customer pays you and you then order it from the dropshipping company with a couple of clicks, and keep the profit. 

The ultimate aim is to earn money from your store, and the more time you devote to this through promotion and marketing, the more you are likely to get back. But it’s not just about the time you put in, it’s about using your time wisely to get the most out of your efforts. If, for example, you spend time and money on adverts without mapping out your target audience and developing a marketing plan, it’s likely that your marketing efforts will fall flat. But with the right targeting and marketing campaign, your site could earn you a good income without you having to work around the clock. 

All our stores come with GUARANTEED TRAFFIC from our social media marketing packages included with every purchase. How many other website providers also deliver guaranteed traffic? None that we know of, except us! We want to set you up for the best opportunity at becoming successful with your store as possible. Post-purchase we are available to answer all questions related to marketing and building up your Shopify business.

How Do We Choose The Right Products For Your Store?

The products are picked using filters to find the best available from AliExpress, with the suppliers being based mainly in the United States and China. You can add more products and easily edit the products currently listed once you’ve taken control of the store.

The benefit of changing your product descriptions is that it will give you the best chances of showing up in search engines for your own unique keywords, rather than competing with everyone using the same generic descriptions provided by the suppliers.

To find unique dropshipping suppliers in the US and EU, check out the Spocket App on Shopify. We can upload products from Spocket after you have taken ownership of the store and uploaded the app, if that is what you wish. The benefit of using Spocket is that the suppliers are mostly in the US which means much shorter shipping times and happier customers. *Spocket Product Upload Based On Availability In Your Niche*

Electronics Dropshipping – Theme Features:

    • Customize the way your products look and add custom descriptions.
    • Put up products for preorder.
    • Add countdowns to the latest product launches or availability.
    • Ajax product tabs for seamless transitions.
    • A 360-degree view of the product.
    • Add to cart and ‘buy’ feature baked into the design.

The primarily blue and white interface can be customized to suit your store’s needs by adding custom texts, graphics, and branding. All of which is quickly accomplished via Shopify’s easy to use interface. That said, most people would not need to customize the store any further since it already offers 99% of what most electronic drop shipping stores will need. Not to mention that it can also be used by stores that sell electronics in general. So, you don’t need to be a drop shipper per se to take advantage of its unique design and style.

The website is designed to be lightweight and loads quickly on both mobile and desktop devices. A lightweight design makes it easier to optimize for search engines while ensuring that potential customers don’t lose interest because the website is taking too long to load. Furthermore, the design is ready to be used out of the box and can accommodate as many products or as few as you need it to. So, there is no need to spend an immense amount of time customizing the store to suit your niche of electronics, which saves you time and, consequently, money too. If you’re looking for an electronics Shopify dropshipping store for sale, This is your best solution!


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